Tuckpointing Service

Skilled Tuckpointing Service in Minneapolis, MN

Tuckpointing is the craft of removing old mortar from the joints of masonry, brick, or stone and replacing it with new mortar that maintains the historical features of the building while enhancing its resistance to weather.  At Metro Building Restoration we are experts in the restoration of old brick buildings and tuckpointing is just one of many services we offer!

Why Tuckpoint?

Good quality bricks can last centuries, but mortar is softer and need repair from time to time.  Tuckpointing becomes necessary when the mortar starts to develop cracks and holes. Tuckpointing is essential to preserve the quality of brick structures.

Whether the cracks and holes in older sections of mortar were caused by water, the burrowing of bees, the harsh conditions of inclement weather, or just natural wear and tear that takes place over time, a tuckpointing service from Metro Building Restoration can restore your walls to like-new condition!

Quality Craftsmanship

We don’t cut corners, but only bring you the highest quality of work.  We seamlessly renew mortar of the appropriate type and color, tooling the mortar to give it the perfect appearance to match the original mortar.  You home or business will look better and last longer with mortar repairs and tuckpointing services from Metro Building Restoration!  Call us today for an estimate!


As a trusted brick masonry restoration contractor in Minneapolis, MN, we've built our reputation on skill, precision, and technique. When you work with us, you'll get detailed service that will help your property shine. For more information or to schedule an estimate, call Metro Building Restoration today.

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